All flower photography is handheld, in situ, with natural light

Poinsettia Center
(an EPOD)

Purple Water Lily
with Blue Dasher

bright sun with dark water

African Daisy


Hearts & Thorns
on Alluaudia Ascendens 

Light Purple Water Lily
with complex background

Bird of Paradise Leaf
in the morning sun

Crown of Thorns Blossoms

Brazilian Tree Fern
unfolding in spring

Pink Water Lily

Himalayan Blue Poppy
in the morning sun

Canna Leaf
in morning sun

Marguerite Daisy

Bengal Clockvine Leaves
under Norfolk Pine

Large White Water Lily
with reflection

Tulip Center

Pink Lotus
against blue water

in afternoon light

Bird of Paradise Leaf
lit by afternoon sun

Pink/Yellow Water Lily

Old Man Palm
with Queen Palm Shadows

Treasure Flower

Red Water Lily
in afternoon sun

Licuala Palm 1
with Queen Palm shadows

Flowering Maple
with leaves

Veins in an Iris Petal
in morning light

Licuala Palm 2
with Queen Palm Shadows


Poppy-Flowered Anemone

in late afternoon sun

Sundrop Gazania

Pale Blue Water Lily
in dark water

Marquesas Palm
backlit by the sun

Purple Water Lily
in dark water

Alder Flower
with dancing stamen


Gerbera Daisy

Water Lily in Bright Sun
against dark water

Water Clover
in dark water


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